Stuck at building process


Maybe someone her can help me. I have no fucking clue, why this is not working. I’ve tried everything from clearing the cache of docker to restarting the system.

I get stuck everytime at this point

Step 18/24 : RUN addgroup -g {GID} mastodon && adduser -h /mastodon -s /bin/sh -D -G mastodon -u {UID} mastodon && mkdir -p /mastodon/public/system /mastodon/public/assets /mastodon/public/packs && chown -R mastodon:mastodon /mastodon/public
—> Running in e65a6395801f
Removing intermediate container e65a6395801f
—> 9a0b3ff7e8f0
Step 19/24 : COPY . /mastodon
—> 540134ad7203
Step 20/24 : RUN chown -R mastodon:mastodon /mastodon
—> Running in 0e11fb4417cc

It’s not stuck. It takes a very long time, the whole build takes 20-30 mins on an 8 core server.