Spam accounts for random businesses

I run an instance and since I got added to the server picker I constantly get spam account signups from random businesses. I’m wondering if this happens to other instance admins, and if so, how you stop it.

The accounts all have a business name, links to the business’s social media accounts, a logo, and a header image of the business. The email addresses are normal gmail and yahoo mail addresses and the signup gets confirmed. The accounts never post any toots. I assume this is some SEO company that has an automated way of doing the signup.

Is there some captcha equivalent to prevent automated signup? Can I batch ban instead of clicking one by one on the 200+ spam accounts?

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Any process or method ever determined for this problem? This is my concern about launching an instance. I’d be fine with a little self promotion in return for community engagement but bot like business spam prevention tools are something I certainly want to understand first.