Software that posts my Tweets on Mastodon?

Hey everyone,
I’m new to Mastodon and like it quite a bit. I also use Twitter, and was thinking that it would be very helpful if there were a piece of software that read my Tweets every so often and reposted them on Mastodon. This should be pretty easy to make, so I’m sure there are a bunch of them, but Google fails me.

Does anyone know of any such software, before I think of starting writing it myself?

There’s an existing python script, but you have to do some manual steps. GitHub - halcy/MastodonToTwitter: Mastodon <-> Twitter cross-poster.
I have a service, but currently it only posts from Mastodon, I plan to write the other way this weekend. (still kinda beta, though!)


Ah, your service sounds perfect, thanks! Is it smart enough to omit replies/mentions on either service?

Ah, you say so on the front page. You may want to add an English translation to make it more accessible.

It was supposed to be available in english too, some issue with the locale config in the app, I’ll try to get that correct over the weekend too :slight_smile:
Edit: Actually, just saw it was typo. Should be working fine now :slight_smile: