Social account suspended with NO reason given

This is what your policy says: QuodVerum Forum
Mastodon hosted on (my name was MsBobbie)
We welcome all ideas and opinions, and will exercise minimum moderation only when we believe laws are being broken.
Words are not violence. Use them. But our platform is not a launching pad for criminal activity, harassment or the promotion of violence in any form, against any one.

I was suspended on the SAME day I signed up!! NO reason given. I want to know what law I broke. I also want to know what “criminal activity, harassment or promotion of violence in any form, against any one” I used! I simply used the word “Rothschild” and was basically accused of the word meaning “antisemitism”. I DO NOT condone “antisemitism”. I presented myself as a Conservative Christian. I had no idea that the WORD “Rothschild” even related to antisemitism.

I deserve the right to know why I was suspended. I expect to get a detailed answer out of sheer politeness which so far, I have not been shown. Please respond to me via my email as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time. Bobbie W

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Things that make you think twitter isn’t that bad People are.
Well i think this is not place where you going to get any answer and most of mastodon instance are heavily moderated.better to look for Pleroma instance few are even practice free speech

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What is a Pleroma instance? Then if I’m not going to get an answer, I’m just going to tell all my 10K plus friends NOT to use social.qouverdum! AND tell them why!

Life comes with an instruction book - It is called The Holy Bible.

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10k Plus Why dont you host one instance yourself?

No Its dont

1 Like is a software project, we are not associated with, they just happen to use our software, which is distributed freely for anyone to use. please take moderation issues up with your instance admin.