So I am running Mastodon, what are the best practices to do?

Yesterday I have setup a Mastodon instance called Vulturion and it has been running stable over night. Including that I have done most practices for optimizing the instance. Personally I am still in question what would be the best practices I can do for upkeep and federating my instance in the proper way with my instance of Mastodon.

Also I am considering to make a summary of the tips / advise within a separated topic so others can benefit from this information too.

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Hi, as an amateur sysadmin I have the same questions.

I wrote a blog post about the first steps of running (not installing) a Mastodon server: How to start a Mastodon server – Mastodon Blog – Medium

Hopefully this helps.

Make sure to check out the Backup Guide and come up with a backup strategy.

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