Should the WebUI and SPA be unified?

If someone goes to, they’ll see a static view of stux’s page, even when they’re logged in. In my opinion, this is inconsistent, and just makes it harder to use Mastodon.

The WebUI is very hard to use. You can’t open a toot, and liking / boosting / replying is quite tumultuous. You have to enter the instance name… “yes”… just yikes.

Perhaps we could improve on this by either:

  • unify the WebUI and SPA (React is served in the WebUI, so this should be very easy)
  • redirect static pages to SPA variants when the user is logged in (wouldn’t work remotely)
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Sidenote: more mainstream social media outlets like Twitter / Facebook do this too. It just feels like the right thing to do. Open for feedback, though.