Sharing or making public user lists

I have lists of people that I’ve pinned as columns. But there’s at least one of those lists (in my case, a list of other dads I follow on mastodon) that I’d be happy for people to see when they browse my profile, or which I might be inclined to share with others, particularly those on those lists. Kind of like a group DM but less official.

I’m interested in how such a feature might be abused:

  • I know that on Twitter, being added to a public list gives you a notification, which for some people is offensive / intrusive and can cause them to block the adder.
  • People might hate-make lists or create lists of people they intend to harass.
  • Ways I haven’t thought of

Pros, cons, thoughts?

I think for public lists it might be good if you can decline to be included on the list?

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Feature request on GitHub:

I would like to share lists with other users - Do they have a public URL yet? Is there a setting that controls privacy of a list?