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You can verify yourself as the owner of the links in your profile metadata. For that, the linked website must contain a link back to your Mastodon profile. The link back must have a rel=“me” attribute. The text content of the link does not matter. Here is an example:

Re: Verification - Mastodon
Hello, I have never seen such a request for verification in this manner, you would have to contact them for help in this case. If a met tag is all that is needed, you can use our built in meta tag editor in the admincp to do so though.

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@saper, I don’t think this was an appropriate topic to close and merge. If users are having two different questions or issues, they should be in separate threads—especially in cases like this one where the problem is unclear and needs clarification.

@o9c4 I’m not sure I understand your post. Can you be more specific about the problems or question you’re having?

I tryed to proceed with Verification and sent the instructions to my hosting provider.

Re: is what he asked.

I’m still not sure I understand the question—you haven’t actually asked for anything. But we can’t verify your website for you, and I don’t think there’s anything we can help with in this case. All you need to do is add the example link HTML somewhere on the page. Is something about the instructions unclear?

I understood @o9c4 as the answer to to the problems in the link verification thread…

Do You mean, i can add HTML code right on my website to any page? And then it will be verified automatically the same time? Can you show me what will it looks like in Mastodon interface after successful verification?

here’s an example of what it looks like on


You can add the HTML code right on your website, but it has to be the page you’re linking too, not just “any” page

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