Sensitive images display automatically (no clickthrough) on profiles

If you go to a profile on (for example, mine Greg - Mastodon - warning, there’s currently a foodpost on my profile) and there’s a post with a sensitive image recently posted on the profile, or you view a post with a sensitive image by going to e.g. Greg: “AWOOOOOOO” - Mastodon (don’t worry, that post doesn’t actually contain a sensitive image) the image will display without warning the user. This doesn’t appear to be the case on all instances (for example, and seem unaffected) so I’m assuming this is a bug in the current version running on .social, but, maybe some other instance is having this problem too. The content warnings, at least, seem to appear properly in my timeline, and hopefully everyone else’s.

To reproduce, just post an image (that hopefully isn’t actually sensitive) and mark it as sensitive on, or on another instance running the same version.

Update: now that is on 1.6.1 this bug is showing up there too. You can see this in action on both my GeorgeAWOOOGreg - and Crom’s (the admin) profiles. Crom, Kobold King - (His second pinned post has a picture that should be hidden.) It looks like this is a bug in this version of Mastodon, and not at all specific to .social.

This bug appears to now be fixed on, but not yet on other instances that have upgraded to 1.6.1. Thank you.

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