Seeing incosistent content in web interface vs. mobile client


I am seeing inconsistent Mastodon content in Mastalab mobile client vs. the Web interface:

When I open this toot in Mastalab client on my phone, I see that one of the replies to the original toot is from me ( But when I open the same toot in the web interface, I don’t see my reply at all.

UPDATE: It was suggested to me that I am silenced on but I am not aware of ever posting anything even remotely controversial there, much less being warned about anything. Also, if I am indeed silenced (can I check that somehow, somewhere?), shouldn’t the result be consistent in the app and in the web interface?


when you say the “web interface”, can you specify the exact URL you’re looking at? the web interface is a very specific part of the mastodon code base.

In general:

  • You have an account on
  • The toot you’re replying to is from
  • When you view the post from, you see the replies from the perspective of the server
  • When you view it from the mastalab client or from, you see it from the perspective of the server

These views may differ for many reasons including both issues in federation between the two servers and moderation actions applied by one server’s staff but not the other’s. Since you’re not a user of, I wouldn’t expect that the moderation team there would generally contact you—nothing they do will affect any other server except their own.


That’s interesting. Are you saying that when I click on URL explicitly beginning with “…” in my phone app, I am in fact viewing content from and not from


I’m not sure what you mean. Where does mastalab contain a URL starting with for you to click on?


In a private toot, another user sent me the URL mentioned in my original post. This exact URL: Eugen: "What's the best tool to create presentations thes…" - Mastodon

When I click on that URL in the received toot in Mastalab, I am not asked which app should be used to open it, Mastalab immeditaly shows me the linked toot and I see my reply under it. If I am indeed looking at version of that toot, then that explains the difference, but that seems like too much artificial intelligence to me.

Here is the toot with the link that I clicked in Mastalab (which displays the page that INCLUDES my reply):


You’d have to ask the developer of mastalab for more specifics, but yes, it does seem likely that when you click that URL, it uses the information from your local server


OK, thank you very much.