Scaling up mastodon

I installed pg-bouncer and configure on default setting. my server has 4GB RAM and 2 CPU
3GB RAM is in use right now.

I have put default values

max_client_conn = 100
default_pool_size = 20

Now i want to add web and streaming api and sidekiq.

Web and Streaming handle by environment variable file .env file, so what will be the good values to start with.

  • WEB_CONCURRENCY controls the number of worker processes

  • MAX_THREADS controls the number of threads per process

  • STREAMING_CLUSTER_NUM controls the number of worker processes

  • STREAMING_API_BASE_URL controls the base URL of the streaming API

Now Sidekiq to increase thread i need to edit the mastodon-sidekiq.service file and change a number in that which curently set to 25. so i am thinking to increase it to 50.

bundle exec sidekiq -c 25

@Gargron Can you Guide me on this?

Its doen, that was easy :grinning: