Running tootctl is very slow

Just running bin/tootctl help takes 10 seconds. The site itself is running quickly enough in the browser.

I’m a developer, but not a Ruby developer. Any pointers?

No suggestions, but noting this is the same for me running it inside Docker, which I assumed was what made it slow.

It doesn’t use Docker by default does it? As far as I’m aware, it’s running natively on a freshly installed VPS. I just followed the standard installation instructions [almost] to the letter.

The host only has 1G of RAM, but 10 seconds to simply output a help prompt is ridiculous.

That’s right, Docker is optional and currently poorly documented, interesting that it’s slow natively though.

Is rails console also that slow? I think it basically needs to load “a whole of mastodon” on startup.

Thanks for following up, but I was testing out Mastodon for research and have abandoned it for now.

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