Running old DB migrations again?


So I was not aware of this in the docs:

Gotcha: You cannot use pgBouncer to perform db:migrate tasks.

Which I did. I have had a few issues with migrations that failed but ended up finishing.

So far my instance seems fine but the reports have been broken for months now:

Is there a way I could run the appropriate DB migrations again (without pgbouncer) in order to fix that?

I don’t believe it’s caused by db migrations, the reports UI expects some records that usually do not get deleted fully to be there, when they are actually missing. It must be caused by one or more specific reports. It’s also a bug in the code for rendering the screen that should be fixed by me.

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OK, I was beginning to think it was an actual issue with the database. I can still manage my reports via email, so I’ll wait for a fix from you! Thanks