Running more than one instance on same docker host


It is possible to run more than one instance on a docker host?
I try to setup two different instances with docker-compose but have no luck at all.

Everytime i start a second instance the first one goes down…

I installed mastodon in two different folders.

Now as I write this, it comes to my mind that it will be other problems to.
I use a nginx-proxy in front of all my containers, but what about the port 3000 for web and 4000 for sidekiq?

Anybody got an idea?


Checkout the file and read the guide to set up the development instance with a foreman tool.


Thanks, but this is not so easy as i expect! :confused:
It is above my ruby, mastodon whatever skill.

I’m using the docker image and thought that i can run multiple docker container in parallel with mastodon (web/sidekiq/stream).

Of course the port/network problem still exists, but this is something I can change with firewall or whatever.

Hi, if you don’t intend to scale, maybe you can take a look at my own Docker image :
All process are running in a single container (s6 supervision suite). Using a single container per instance might be easier for you. Just an idea!