Running Mastodon on Apache2

So I tried setting up Mastodon with the documentation, the problem now is how I am able to set up Mastodon on an Apache server, because I’ve always used Apache and I don’t want to run multiply web-servers. So what I would need is a virtual-host config file which redirects to
Thanks to everyone who tries to help me in advance ^^

I’m running the server on Debian 8 with the latest Apache version.

Hi, while it’s possible to run Mastodon behind Apache, just be aware the vast majority users in the community, including the developers, use nginx and won’t be able to help you diagnose or debug any issues.

I understand that, but I would just need a one-time solution and I would be fine.
So do you maybe have an example of such a configuration?

What do you mean “redirects to”? Are you just trying to set up a HTTP redirect on an apache to an nginx server?

If you’re trying to use apache as the primary proxy in front of mastodon, you definitely need more then a 1-time solution. Unless your mastodon server only exists for 1 day, there are going to be things you’ll want to change or tweak, or upgrades that require new behavior.

@InklingSplasher You can check out some documentation I wrote for Apache configs: mastodon/ApacheConfigDocs at master · indie/mastodon · GitHub

P.S. Don’t forget to look at and update the /environment/production.rb file; I added some notes in there for how you can configure the Apache2 sites-available .conf file.