Run websocket on another port?

I would like to know if this is possible tu run the streaming server on another port than HTTP/HTTPS’s one, my anti-ddos really don’t like it…
And, if possible, some steps to do that trought nginx :blush: thanks~

Hey, did you get any help with this?

Still nobody reach me with a solution, no :confused:

While it’s possible to do this (just change the nginx config or don’t even proxy the node server at all) the problem is that apps have no way of knowing that your streaming API will be in a different place. It’s expected to just be in the /api/v1/streaming path with the rest of the API.

So the web app can’t be changed from http/https ? I don’t really understand.
I want to use a free prot to do all websocket stuff tbh, just on another port :o

On my instance I changed the streaming port in my .env.production file and then updated my nginx config to point to the new port.

I will try that, thanks for the tips :slight_smile: !

Oh, well, after tough this won’t change anything x’) I don’t want to proxy it trough 443 !