Ruby Version 2.5.1


I’m running Ubuntu Server 18.04.1 and currently have Ruby 2.5.1p57 (from Ubuntu’s software source). Mastodon runs fine, I just updated to v2.6.5

However, the entry in live /.ruby-version is kind of annoying. Ruby 2.5.3 is required, but for my distro this is not available.

Does anyone know how to get Ruby anyway to 2.5.3 or to permanently set 2.5.1 in .ruby-version ? Every time, I update Mastodon by running git checkout, I run into the same issue (complaining about incopatible Ruby version when running bundle / yarn / rake )


Unfortunately git checkout will always reset it, I think, but you can run rbenv local 2.5.1 to quickly change that file back. At some point do consider upgrading Ruby, as each Ruby version improves performance bit by bit.

Solved. I used this tutorial to install Ruby 2.6.1 on Ubuntu 18.04: