Roadmap for 1.5 "Admin Love"

We’ve already hinted at 1.5 being full of Admin Love. We have realized that a lot of these features a long overdue, and we probably will not be covering all with this release. If there are any further releases that would help out admins/instance owners that we have not caught yet, feel free to bring it up for discussion, here or on GitHub (actually if you opt for GitHub, feel free to link it here as well).
However it is not the only features we’ll be looking at to work on for this release. If you ever want to look at the current updates regarding the roadmap you can look here:

Features with admin focus:
Allowing verification for moderators and admins to prevent impersonation #1015
Add a “moderator” user status, so you can bring on a team to help you which does not necessarily get access to all the things of an admin. #1784
Moderator-visible notes (ofc visible for Admins too) so actions regarding users can be tracked better. #3234
Notifications for admins when new reports are filed #1624
Admin-side “Secure evidence” option when suspending users. #547

Enhancements, which affects instance owners:
Ability to re-use uploaded media files in a new toot + prevent duplicates #2317

Other features we will be looking at / working on, and bug fixes:
Adding custom columns. #3207 (currently live on if you want to try it out)
Empty home TL after a period of inactivity. #2619
Indicate stale accounts that are followed #2716
Visual indicator when regex is applied on home TL #3085

If you want to discuss individual features of the roadmap, here on discourse, we would prefer it if you start new threads about it under development, or their more suitable subcategories (#development:UX #development:features #development:performance #development:a11y).
However, if you are unsure where to put it, being a reply here with a topic title, and we will categorize it for you.

As always, this may be subject to change if we encounter any major issues to push through with the feature for the current release.