Restore access to my account @o9c4

My account ( was blocked by administration without any note of warning. I don’t read a rules (as the most of members i guess) but only noticed the mainpage words: “Publish anything you want: links, pictures, text, video.” So I made that way and after a long period of using the mastodon I was blocked like a dirty spammer. Why don’t You even tryed to let me know my mistake and prohibited content, so that I never post it then. You just blocked my account forever.

Please give me a chance. I will delete all the prohibited content. I want to use my mastodon account and the app as well. I like it.

The reason was a link to hair seller site. Seriously?

Hi o9c4,

While this website is designed for talking about Mastodon, it’s not about moderation issues with

While I’m not aware of the situation, it definitely doesn’t sound fair. I’d follow up with, which is the best place to challenge / appeal this.

Best of luck,


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