RESOLVED: All GIFs fail with 500 error regardless of size

Does anyone know where to begin troubleshooting this? You upload a GIF, it gets all the way up to “almost done” and then cancels itself with a 500 error. Curiously, sometimes other users on other instances can see the uploaded image (you know this because they’ll fave a “ghost” toot). This happens regardless of the size of the GIF.

Do you have ffmpeg installed? How do you store files, locally or with some form of S3?

Thanks for replying – this was ultimately due to whoever decided that universe and multiverse should no longer be enabled by default on Ubuntu Server ISOs. I kept getting confounded by “missing” packages while I was installing this instance and it never occurred to me to look until like a week after I got it set up. I had installed ffmpeg via snap, but it never worked right. Installing it and the x264/x265 libraries resolved the problem.