Reporting dialog needs a little love: errors are not visible

First Time In My LIfe™ tried to report a spambot, it’s on a foreign instance. Got the reporting dialog, filled in, clicked to report on remote instance, too.
Clicking the BigBlueButton called Submit does the following: …
That’s all the feedback I’ve got.

Looking at the logs it turns out that the POST /…/reports gets a 404. Weird. Log shows the same. Even mastodon logs do, with no visible reason (the method is create which is logged).

Looking at the JSON result finally revealed that “no such object” exists, so my guess is that the spambot has already been disabled remotely which trickled down to my instance and disabled there, so there is nothing to report anymore.

Which is fine except the user do not get any feedback, only the same dialog. Would be nice to mention that “reporting failed”, and also that “no such object” was the message, at least.

(I started here instead of github since I’m not sure which part of the development cares about UI features. Feel free to point me to the right place.)

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