Removing personal information


There is a website that has a server in the network of Mastodon, which has posted my personal information.

May I have a administrator contact me, so it can be removed.

Thank You

Contact the admin of that Instance and ask him to remove the personal information
You can Also send a DMCA request to domain registrar if no action taken

Sorry, I don’t know how to find out the instance. The domain is I hope I can get the information remove as quickly as possible. Would someone by so kind to informed them.i don’t know how to use


I’ll give anyone $450 USD if they manage to successfully contact the admin and the information gets removed.

its not about the money but the url you provided is not mastodon and You need to provide link where information has been posted

Bingo Mail them here

I tried that email. Been around a week, haven’t gotten a response.

Then Mail Namecheap and let them aware of the issue and Tell if no action taken there will be case filled against them

Hi all,

This is a discussion board for the mastodon software project. In most cases, we have no contact with and no control over individual server owners. Just like you wouldn’t complain to Automattic when someone uses Wordpress to post objectionable content, discussions of this nature are off-topic and pointless for this forum. Please contact the admin directly.