Registering a new instance on

Hi there,
I cannot register my instance here: Mastodon instances
It throws an error but this is not very descriptive: Something went wrong. Check the instance name is valid and a contact email is set in the site settings of Mastodon. Contact if you need help.

Any clues?

Well my clue is, as said in the message, contact me. Considering I’ll have to send you an activation link, please contact me on Mastodon (my full handle is in your previous message) or by mail, see - Mastodon for my address.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply! The problem is… I cannot contact you through Mastodon since my instance has this issue: Mastodon instance not connecting to other instances, error 503 · Issue #6916 · tootsuite/mastodon · GitHub

Might this also be related to the Mastodon instances site resulting in an error?


Yeah, done that now. Also I can now use the Federiverse or whatever it is called :wink: