Redownloading missing media

I recently migrated my instance to a new VPS. In the process, I also moved my media storage to S3.

I made the mistake of manually deleting old media with the find command instead of with tootctl, as in find public/system -mtime 7 -type f -delete.

Now a lot of images I come across on Mastodon are missing. I have some questions:

  • is Mastodon supposed to automatically redownload deleted media when someone tries to view it?
  • if no, is there a way (through tootctl or otherwise) to re-fetch all media?
  • if yes, is there a way to clear the cache of what media Mastodon thinks exists in S3?

Have you copied that folder to the S3 bucket before deleting it?
Mastodon should redirect everything to the bucket.

That’s the problem – some things were deleted before copying them to the bucket. That’s why I’m wondering if there’s some way to tell Mastodon to “forget” what media is saved!

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