Recurring jobs not working?

Hello everyone!

I’ve just noticed an issue with my small instance. I had no notifications, no new from the fediverse for a while. Today I’ve restarted mastodon completely (service mastodon-web restart, service mastodon-sidekiq restart and service mastodon-streaming restart) and got ALL new posts / notifications from the last 30 days.

Definitely something is wrong and when I open “Recurring Jobs” tab on Sidekiq, it says “Last time: 4 weeks ago” for all recurring tasks and doesn’t react to “Enqueue now” button.
Around 4 weeks ago I’ve upgraded from Mastodon 2.1.0 to 2.2.0 and it started to happen.

Is there anything I should do now? How to force recurring jobs to work?

can you check your web (mastodon frontend) and sidekiq logs? Also, how dpes your crontab look like?

Thank you for the answer! Suprisingly my crontab for “mastodon” user is completely empty, though I set up Mastodon Instance just as was described on Github…

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Good to know, I hope it works now?

Yes, luckily it works fine now.

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