Recover deleted username


A user deleted their own account by mistake, now they want the username back. We both understand that the data can’t be recovered, but to my surprise it looks like once a user has deleted their account not even an admin can recover the username.

It looks like this was by design (Can't Recreate a Deleted Account With Same Username · Issue #4614 · tootsuite/mastodon · GitHub) to stop others form reusing usernames and impersonating, but that doesn’t account for this scenario, or an admin needing to recover the username.

Anyone know a way around this, something directly in the database?



You can free up the username using the rails console but I highly recommend against it, it may lead to weird federation issues.



“weird federation issues” could you explain further? What would happen, or maybe “could” happen?

I understand that there is the potential, “X follows Y” but “Y doesn’t think so” or whatever, but that’s such a common thing with Mastodon, that I’ve learnt to expect it. I don’t know.