Question about improving experinece of remote follow, remote interactions

Has there been discussions in the development community about tech or new protocols to enable remote following of Fediverse and Mastodon accounts, remote boosting of posts, etc, on the web browser experience work in a way that does not require as many steps plus an account login?

I know that at least one web browser plug-in was written to try to ease this experience, but has there been any potential ways to simplify or even make this process invisible to users?

Here is that plug in: GitHub - rugk/mastodon-simplified-federation: Simplifies following and interacting with remote users on other Mastodon instances.

At the very least, couldn’t it be set put that if you did this remote login ONCE to a particular instance for a particular user or post-interaction, then it cookies you so that you don’t have to do this login process again on that instance in the future, for any users or posts?

And I know that both privacy and decentralization may make this challenging…but I wanted to check in and see if anyone had suggested evolving the tech that might make this a more seamless experience to users?

From GitHub, here is what the web browser plugin does to try to make the experience better technically:

"How does it work?

** It intercepts any remote interaction popup/request.**
** It tries to get the toot/account you want to interact with from the “Enter your Mastodon ID” popup.**
** for remote follows: It gets the account to follow from the URL.**
** for toot interactions:**
** It gets the local toot ID from the URL.**
** It sends an additional web request to the remote server to get the remote toot ID.**
** Alternatively, it does try to get the remote toot URL from the page you are loading.**
** Afterwards it redirects you to the “remote_follow”/“remote_interaction” endpoint of your own Mastodon instance directly, thus skipping entering the Mastodon handle in that “foreign” page.**

Due to the fact that it does not block loading of the “Enter your Mastodon ID” popup, it may – especially in the case of “toot interactions” – happen, that the “Enter your Mastodon ID” popup is shown anyway for some seconds. After some time, it should be redirected though. If it really fails, this behavior ensures you still have a fallback to be able to manually enter your Mastodon handle."