Question about account -99

Hello! There is an account id -99 in my instance showing This account is a virtual actor used to represent the server itself and not any individual user. It is used for federation purposes and should not be suspended.

Due to some misconfiguration previously, the name of this account is inconsistent with my domain name. Is is necessary to change the account name to the correct one or just leave it there?

And, by the way, if anybody knows, what is the role of this account in federation?

Great thanks in advance!

The name of the account does not matter much, though your initial misconfiguration may possibly cause other issues. If everything works now, I would highly suggest against renaming the account.

Its main role is to sign requests that are not associated with one user in particular. It might be used for other purposes in the future.

I’ve set the wrong domain name at the beginning… so I changed my primary domain later and the error occurred.
Currently, there’s no other issue yet. I’ll keep on watching that.
As far as I’ve learned, the signing process should be done with the key associated with the account, and that should not change?
The name and the domain block is just used when exchanging information with other servers, so if the domain won’t be changed later, not much issues will occur?
Thanks a lot for your help!

TL;DR: if you have issues federating with other instances that knew your previous domain name, it’s too late; if you don’t, you’re fine and you should take no further action.

The name of the -99 account is arbitrarily set as the instance name at setup, there is no real meaning behind it. However, you should not change it because other instances that already know about it may get confused.

Changing the domain name after setup is highly discouraged as other instances may know your accounts under a certain name and be confused by the new names later on (normally, recent Mastodon versions have code to sort out such issues, but it’s still best if they can be avoided entirely, and other fediverse software might not handle those cases gracefully).


I see that. Thanks a lot!
The initial misconfigured domain name setup was only used under an internal testing network and barely federated with any instance, so it shouldn’t mess the fediverse too much.
Thanks again for your explainations!

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According to the documents here you can have the official domain for Mastodon be one domain and the website be another domain.

Yep. It is set like that now. Thanks!

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