Publish a list of all local users?

My new instance is growing quickly, and new users keep asking me where they can find a list of all the other users on the instance. (They want to follow other folks, see who’s already there, and note who’s not there.)

At the moment, I’m pointing them to my Followers list, since every new person auto-follows me when they sign up:

This is a fairly reliable list (assuming few un-follows!), but feels a bit presumptuous and ego-centric. I’d prefer to have something like a list of all accounts independent of me — or at least publicly-viewable accounts. Ideally this list could be viewable by both (a) current users, logged in, and (b) the general public (e.g., potential users, considering joining).

Does Mastodon currently support something like this? (I haven’t found it.) Thanks!

hi there, i think there will be a federated cooperation in future while the communty is growing. A mixture of channel and crossposting. - just a maybe-

You can have a different admin account (other than yourself) and let new users auto-follow that. Although you have to remember that is maybe a privacy issue. Also there is the local timeline where people can see other users on your instance.

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Thanks! What is the privacy issue, though? Can’t individuals set their accounts to “private” (or make all posts non-public) if they want to be hidden?

Well, enumeration of all users can be also dangerous from the security point of view (somebody trying to hack any of them). I think this is not available by design. Even the recent feature of lists:

has been designed to be explicitly private.

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OK, thanks for clarifying! Much appreciated.

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