Project: a social network for journalists?

First, congratulations to Mastodon and this active forum. Second, sorry in advance for the newbie questions that will follow…

I am thinking of a social network through which journalists could 1. confirm informations in real time and 2. spread these informations.

Mastodon, with its invite-based instance capability and its privacy management of toots, would be the perfect tool. I have three questions:

  • Confidentiality: Journalists should not be able to be traced. Does Mastodon provide an infrastructure strong enough that a third party cannot enter an instance and collect information?

  • Connection: Is it possible for a third party to easily block access to an instance (I am thinking of journalists in sensitive areas)?

  • Link with other social networks: Is it possible to build bridges with other social networks in order to have the possibility to post a louse on several platforms at the same time?

Thank you so much in advance!

Please be aware that messages on the Mastodon network are not end-to-end encrypted, that means anybody having access to the instance, its database or unencrypted traffic can read all the messages. It cannot be used for serious whistleblowing in my opinion.

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Thank you so much @saper!

It’s quite easy for a malicious instance to ‘leak’ superficially private data from another Masto instance, so it’d be a very poor fit I think.

So, I know someone was playing around with Onion and Mastodon. Maybe something like this would be relevant?

Using the Mastalab link here, because they were the ones talking about it:

I’m preparing to launch a Mastodon instance for journalists called Masthead. You can apply for the beta here, and check out the details here.

XMPP based network could help like movim but dont know if they use any type of encryption