Profile creation issue

Hi, I hope I have the correct category for this. I created an account on but used the wrong email address (one that did not exist). I went and created the email address so I could gain control of the account, but it seems that the server does not recognize this in some way and never sends the confirmation email to the new email address I created. Now, the username I wanted is tied up indefinitely. Is this a solvable issue? Thanks.

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Hi, I have the same issue, only that I created the mail address I used for the mastodon account like one minute after submitting the account registration. I repeatedly checked the re-send confirmation mail, but the mail never arrives. I tried to re-register with the same name and email, and the mastodon instance correctly stated that both name and address were already taken, so the mail address is stored correctly. It seems that the mastodon instance either isn’t re-sending the mail or my mail account thrashes the mail. I have disabled all filters, though. Still, no mail.
Is there an alternative way to confirm the new account?

Have you tried this link to resend the confirmation email? If all else fails if somehow you can prove to the instance admins that you control the email they will be able to manually mark it as confirmed.

Disclosure: I am not a member of’s staff team. If a staff member has different advice please follow their’s instead.

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Hi, yes, I tried to re-send the confirmation mail via that link a couple of times, to no avail.
I read through the forum, it seems that this issue shows up frequently… depending on the setup (and cleanup scripts) of the instance, the unconfirmed user name will be purged sooner or later and then is free for a new registration, so if all else fails, I’ll wait for that and try again. I contacted the admin(s), but won’t be surprised if this is not too high on the priority list :slight_smile:

Ok (or not so ok); I retried after the profile expired (about two days later). Same email address, same problems. I waited another two days, the profile expired again and now I used a different email address and the confirmation mail arrived immediatly. Interestingly both addresses end in the same ‘real’ mail account at the end – I don’t know why the first address is ignored/discarded, and where this happens. But now I have my account, and while I’m curious what may happen if I now chose the first email address, I won’t :wink: