Problems after upgrading to v2.4.3

Hi fellow devs/admins,

After updating to v2.4.3 from v2.4.0, I am seeing Internal error 500 and Something Went Wrong errors on places like Local/Federated timeline, and Invite People pages.

All I did during the process of updating my Mastodon instance are the yarn/bundle install, dbmigrate and asset recompile, as instructed on the release notes. One extra thing I did was to add a new subdomain to my Let’s Encrypt SSL cert, but I supposed this shouldn’t affect.

Edit: okay I re-ran the db:migrate, just to realise there are some errors that I missed out: Mastodon v2.4.3 db:migrate error -
(sorry can’t paste here as it’s over the characters limit)

Edit 2: Okay I found the solution here: Relation "custom_filters" does not exist · Issue #8007 · tootsuite/mastodon · GitHub