Private instance


I have seen references to private instances, but I’m not understanding exactly what that implies. Is it possible to configure an un-federated instance such that all communication and timelines are restricted to accounts on that instance?


I think most people refer to a single-user instance, with only one user. There are also private instances in a sense that they manually confirm registrations.


So by “private” people are probably meaning “single user.” I also understand that an instance can be closed to public registration. But does anyone know if it is possible to prevent an entire instance from federating? Or limiting federation to specific instances (including maybe none at all)?


From the administrative interface particular instances can be blocked


Thanks for pointing that out. Looks like if I wanted to seclude my instance from federation I would have to block domains whenever they are added as a known instance.


I think there must be a simpler way. Like using a firewall or some small tinker in the code.