Post-S3 configuration

I’m just curious. After successfully configuring S3 storage, is the ~live/public directory supposed to be copied on the S3 storage or does it remain on my Droplet?

Thank you very much.


Configuring S3 storage in Mastodon doesn’t affect any files that are currently saved. It’s your responsibility to copy those files to your S3 storage provider, Mastodon cannot do that for you.

Thank you for your reply.
So, does the ~/live/public directory need to be on the Droplet or on S3?
My installation is brand new. I noticed that after the installation there are a number of files that are installed in the the above-mentioned directory.

Mastodon stores a number of things in the ~/live/public directory besides uploaded assets, like precompiled javascript and css files. I don’t have the exact list in front of me, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see other assets in that file that don’t need to be / shouldn’t be on s3.

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