Post privacy confusion

I’m a new user, so apologies if this is obvious.

I’ve set my toots to only be visible to my followers.

I’ve tweeted with the post privacy set to ‘followers only’ (I think!).

But this post is visible to not-logged-in users (e.g. in a private browser tab):

What gives / what did I do wrong?


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Is the same happening from the web interface?

Yes. I can see it through that web interface and I’ve never encountered the OP before. I can also see the toot which precedes it, but there’s one I can’t see in the regular stream (it might be visible via a direct link).

But if you post it via the web interface and change the post reach to “followers only”, does it work from there? It could be a bug in the Tootdon client.

I’m unsure, I only tried checking the OP’s reported toots.