Please add support for google analytics

Hello I think adding support for Google Analytics would be good so you can see better info

This is not something the Mastodon development team is interested in

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Why would that be we have no way of telling how many people look at or use our website with out them making a account. If they wont do that then they should add there own builtin one so we could use it

The question I’d ask is why is google analytics important? Is there a particular metric that you’re looking for and what makes it worth sharing all of that user data with Google?

Well for one it’s up to the hoster how and who they share user data with but we actually don’t have a way of showing or knowing how many times a post has been seen by new people or the instance itself has been seen. It would also be nice to see geographically the people using it so you could know the type of people using it.

Google analytics solves this by showing us the data we want and need. I personally don’t care how Google handles data because who ever you give data to you don’t know how they’re using it or if they’re lying about what they do with it.

I for one use Mastodon because there isn’t user tracking. I think most
users don’t wish to be tracked on the Federation.

Sure I guess but its bad being in the dark but I guess using CF is a way to see not a good one but I guess it has to do. Again it would be nice to have so we can see how we are growing

If you’d want that, then use Matomo or another alternative. Fediverse really doesn’t want Big Tech tracking!

Oh yes so they want to be in the dark and not really know how many people use their website or if their website is actually growing or how many people are actually active viewing or posting that is not harmful data that is basic data that should be supplied. If people are that paranoid then I don’t know what to say but having access to that type of data would be good in a more meaningful way then just a number like how many active people you had in a month how many posts you’ve gotten in a month who has been the most inactive, who has been the most active, who has made the most posts in a month, who has viewed the most posts in a month, who has boosted the most in a month the list goes on but that is not harmful data to have it is local data that could be implemented securely and then we wouldn’t have to rely on Google analytics but if need to be I will inject their code onto my website

These things seem reasonable to want to know as an instance admin. I think what works best in this space is to ask for these features, rather than for an integration with a centralized provider.

The last time I looked at this kind of software piwik was the thing to install but I’m sure there’s something else that works similarly and can be hosted on the same server or a subdomain. If you’re going to inject some code, as a user I would prefer it be something that I know you’re hosting yourself so that no more third parties are involved than necessary.