[pics] Show off your instance!

A lot of instances have come up with some very clever ways of personalizing their home.

This thread can server as a collection of different instances looks, upload a picture and remember to tag on the URL to your home!


i run a growing stack of tweaks on https://cybre.space
all customization code is publicly viewable here: https://github.com/chronister/mastodon




I added a drawing at the bottom of the composing field. Main reason was to prevent posting to the wrong instance.


here is scifi.fyi at the height of its customization - its now slightly less customized


Here are two screenshot from our instance:

  1. about

  2. home


Here’s the purple theme we have on toot.cafe:

We also have a custom icon for when you add it to the homescreen:

In exclusivity… social.targaryen.house! :slight_smile:


quite a few people have suggested an option on all instances for this dark on light contrast (for some folk, especially those who are older or have less than perfect eyesight it can be easier to read!)

Mastodon is attracting a lot of “old skool” people who are now >50 in age (many have lots of goed ideas and memories of good practice from the early days of tech and social interactions they can teach to younger generations) and is “sold” on being a much more friendly and diverse community, making such UI enhancements worthwhile…

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If anyone who posts here would be willing to consider adding screenshots to this page on the wiki for potential members to view before deciding who to join, that would be pretty awesome! UI previews - The Mastdon Wiki

Also a mass movement towards posting a screenshot of your instance on the /about/more page would make me happy. :smiley: It bugs me a lot that you have to join to see what the UI is like and whether you can actually use it.

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This is fun! Could I add the screenshot to UI previews - The Mastdon Wiki ? Or if you would prefer, you could do it?

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Also we got a bunch of custom drawings, by @Famine, with our cute punk mastodon called Émile Libertoot (a reference to the great punk anthem Liberté" by Bérurier Noir and the individualist anarchist Émile Armand):


Yes sure :slight_smile:

Sorry I didn’t see your reply before this morning

Awesome, thank you! :slight_smile: Edit: Done!

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Here’s one of the instances I run. :slight_smile:

Main view:


And logged in view: