Password reset frustration

is there a way to reset user passwords without using the “password reset” button for the life if me i cant get my instance email to work and Ive quadruple checked my .env.production file I know the SMTP user and password works (it works on other sites) but after editing and restarting my instance it wont send email.

Is there a way to find the user DB and manually edit a password? its driving me up a wall.

I think (unverified) that the following in the rails console (RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails c) should do the trick:

user = Account.find_by(username: 'your_username', domain: nil).user
user.password = 'your_new_password'!

In either case, you should figure out why you don’t receive emails from your instance. A look into journalctl -u mastodon-sidekiq might be helpful here.

I was able to figure it out. tootctl accounts modify "account name" --reset-password worked. I couldn’t delete the post.

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