Official upgrade for non docker

i can’t find any doc for official way to upgrade to stable release. It’s very confusing.

production guide shows this:

cd ~mastodon/live/
git fetch
git checkout $(git tag | tail -n 1)
RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails db:migrate
yarn install --pure-lockfile
RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails assets:precompile
sudo systemctl restart mastodon-*.service

i tested that few times and it got me to v1.4.0.x which were all RC when i had some installations that were at v1.3.1/v1.2.2

Can anyone help?

The tagging of releases got messed up during the 1.4 release candidates - try using git checkout v1.4.1 instead of the git tag based version in the production guide.

There is an open issue tracking this here: Production-Guide: git checkout $(git tag | tail -n 1) does not work for 1.4.1 · Issue #280 · tootsuite/documentation · GitHub


Good to know. Thanks!

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I’d say using git checkout $(git tag | tail -n 1) to get the latest one is risky at lest… As @DJSundog suggested just git checkout <desired-release-tag> instead.