OAuth of Mastodon in WordPress

I have wordpress website and I want to implement oauth of mastodon i.e (I want “Login with mastodon” on my wordpress website). I didn’t find any fruitful information regarding this topic on internet. If anybody knows the implementation of this thing. Please let me know.


I have one website. I used mastodon oauth service for login and authentication for my website and it work fine.I also created my own mastodon instance .Now I want to migrate users of my website to my mastodon instance. Can anybody tell me how can I do the migration?

You might want to check some OAuth2 client for Wordpress, for example oAuth Login ( OAuth Client ) — WordPress Plugins

I’d check with the plugin if it supports migration of WordPress users to OAuth somehow (for example, via auto registration via OAuth2).

The plugin is not useful because it’s paid and at a time we can connect to only one client. Is there any other solution or plug-in that can work?

I don’t know. This is more a WordPress question not related to Mastodon directly…

I used oauth in my wordpress website and I am stuck at endpoint . I used by default redirect uri which is “urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob” as endpoint but I want my wordpress website’s homepage as redirect uri.When I put my homepage uri then it gives me one authorization code . I don’t know how to proceed further. If anybody knows how to proceed further,please let me know.

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