No confirmation e-mail from

Been waiting since yesterday, I thought maybe the issue was I had an account already opened, so i deleted it, tried again, nothing. Went with a different instance but I’m still trying to join nothing back, emailed the curator no response. I use yahoo as my email server, I’ve checked bulk / spam and regular inbox. I’ve made sure the spelling is correct. I got confirmation e-mail just from for masatadon.ART Can someone please explain what to do here?

Maybe yahoo treats mail from many instance as spam?

That wouldn’t make sense, since I used the same email for Masatadon.ART and got eht eocnfirmation e-mail just fine.

EDIT: Apparently it wasn’t showing up on windows mail account (which I have my yahoo connected with) but it did show up in yahoo itself. Strange since the other one got through just fine. Consider this solved please.

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