Newbie-friendly way to follow remote users

I’m a new Mastodon user, I feel enthousiast and today I shared my enthousiasm with a friend, who wanted to join immediately. She managed to register to an instance, and started to browse her instance form a browser. I felt for new users is kind of complicate to follow users on remote instances. When you see somebody interesting, you have to:

  • click follow
  • popup opens
  • write down your username (at) instance (this is not straightforward for most people)
  • click confirm
  • click follow

BUT, if you use an app (I use Tusky) you only need one click. Is there any plan to make this more user friendly?


I sincerely believe this process as jt stands (as someone who took plenty of time to get my head around it, years ago,) is actually one of those important steps for new users to encounter that builds a basic understanding of federation and functions as (for me at least) worthwhile friction to add further context.

What I’m trying to say: “user friendly” and “condescending” intersect right here.

(Especially since you already have a tool to circumvent it, in Tusky!)

Useful friction feels oxymoronic but once users are properly educated a goto workaround would be great. For example a tampermonkey script or minimal browser extension in which I could set my home instance and it would do the rest.

There’s too much friction in general. This especially, and finding friends, finding interesting accounts, following topics.

Since this is a big part of the federation concept there needs to be a way to explain it that is much faster and has less moments like the one by OP

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This really does need to be fixed. The user experience is somewhat horrible. It also feels like something that could be improved a lot of ways – has anyone provided a tech recommendation to Masodev community?

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