New instance connecting with other relays?


I made a new mastodon instance couple of days and I’m trying to figure out how can I federate with other relays. I have added the following relay URLs:

Both with status: Waiting for relay's approval

Happy for any suggestion or help.

  1. those are both the same relay
  2. i think that relay is down at the moment. see Where are the relays? for more info

Sorry I meant this (default) relay:

joinmastodon is no longer running a relay. I don’t know what the status of @hugogameiro’s relay is whoops, i was confusing and I meant to tag gled, who doesn’t appear to have an account on here

I don’t have any Relay running and don’t plan having one anytime soon.

Are there any relays up and running?
What are the requirements for running a relay?

BTW, all other mastodon instances how do they federated with each other?

once some user from your server start to follow a next server, it’s starts federating with this one, and this all over the fediverse

The relay at is not running from what I have been told.

The two we have that are running are

We just launched so will be trying others as well.
A list can be found here

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With relay you can get huge amount of toots although its doesnt help much and your database will fill up fast too

I just started a relay at I’d love for people to join. It’s still small, but since you can add more than one relay anyways I was hoping people would add it to their instances!

There just doesn’t seem like a lot of relays out there so I was worried about what would happen if one went down. Redundancy is key, so I hope people will start using more than one!

UPDATE - we are now at nearly 4000 outside followers with 56 members…

the never kicked in so we deleted it, we a bit much for our group so we deleted that one

have gone a couple of months wo relays

just implemented and it kicked in immediately, will hv to see what it brings to our board…

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yes the relays aren’t particularly great if you aren’t ready for a lot of traffic, but my main goals were getting a more complete federation timeline without regard to storage or topics (mine’s a generalistic instance)

IMO the main problem with Mastodon is it’s so hard to discover other instances on new installs. It’s a shame isn’t a member of any relays anymore, that’s what this network really needs.

English - only relay

Looks like your relay stopped (though nginx is still running). Maybe you need to disable selinux?

what is the theme of this relay


Language specific: hence English-only.

Jim Lutz

there seems to be a problem with your relay URL, I tried to add and it said “I’m sorry somethingis wrong on our end” I have one relay so far.

What is your theme , what do you focus on


would be nice to have an active directory of instances and make it searchable by theme ie: Technology, science, astronomy, …


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