New installed instance , no upload in any kind


@maloki , no. sorry . it will not run. i am a bit confused about the Database to config.

# You may set DATABASE_URL instead for more advanced options

there is no need to fill some more information ? where is the postgres user added ?

    restart: always
    image: postgres:alpine
### Uncomment to enable DB persistance
      - ./postgres:/var/lib/postgresql/data

    restart: always
    image: redis:alpine
### Uncomment to enable REDIS persistance
      - ./redis:/data

here are questions too.
when i start
docker-compose up (-d) there are path faults listed .

so. wich one to chose ? i think only one is winning


i tried again to set up an instance without this fault. but every time, while the VPS is running no avatars are visible not inner even not outer instance one.


Es ist sehr schwerig Dir zu helfen - wenn du irgenwelche Fehlermeldungen kriegst, du solltest die einfach hierher kopieren. Es reicht nicht einfach zu sagen “ich kriege’ne Fehlermeldung”.


Die Fehlermeldung ist schon sehr diffus. Wie nützt diese wenn sie auf “Alles” hindeuten kann


Well, unless you quote it - there is nothing we can do.


i finally set up an instance without docker, there are some gap which i could not take. so now my instance is fine and up running.