Need help fixing after update

after updating to 3.4.1 I have started seeing a lot of odd stuff like incorrectly sized images and other weird broken stuff

fixed after restoring from a backup and trying again

For the record, this is your assets not being up-to-date. Either you forgot to run bundle exec rails assets:precompile, or that command failed (one common cause for it to fail is it running out of memory)

I did that and it said it ran fine but its fixed so it does not matter

Yeah, one thing that is a pain is that sometimes when bundle exec rails assets:precompile fails because it ran out of memory… subsequent attempts do nothing unless you run something like bundle exec rails assets:clobber first :confused:

yeah good thing I had a DO backup and then I re ran it again that was what fixed it I also found out that having 2GB of ram is a good starting amount instead of 1GB of ram

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