Need_approval: request approval to admin on registration

related Issue: #146
development branch: Nanamachi/mastodon/prototype/private-instance

As in title, I’m trying to add new feature that requests approval to admin on registration.
This may be, as haniawni mentioned in above issue, beneficial for semi-closed community like club or small society.
It almost completed, but I want to approve via URI like confirmation.
I think it can be implemented with extending devise or warden, but how?


I love this idea! I run a currently single user instance, but wouldn’t mind opening it up to friends. I just can’t afford to have a ton of traffic as it’s just a teency t2.micro on EC2 :slight_smile:

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Invites got added to 2.1.0, so you should be able to make one to give out to your friends as you please!

I created an issue on GitHub for adding application-for-invite for more restrictive instances - let’s hope it gets some traction :slight_smile:

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