Nag bot as fundraising tool

Someone had a smart idea to create a “nag bot” that would periodically pester non-contributing users (on my instance only, of course). Then, if they contributed financially to cover hosting costs, the nag bot would go silent.

Are there any pre-built Mastodon bots that I could use to serve this function? Assume I know nothing and don’t have server-side access (because I don’t), so the bot would have to run on a separate machine somewhere.

One could easily use one of the frameworks available, but the tricky part is:

  • integration with a payment provider (folk can use different ones)
  • matching users with payments - how to tell which handle matches which payment
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Thank you! Great idea. I can’t take that project on right now, but perhaps in the future. I could imagine some sneaky ways to match users with payments — like maybe providing some sort of ID or code on the payment provider end (like a transaction ID) that the bot then prompts them to share. Or, simpler, they just provide their @ handle on the payment end (as a note) and the bot recognizes it. Thanks!