My subdomain change has induced an identity crisis

I installed Mastodon through my Cloudron installation, accessible as (because I am an old fool who makes things too complicated) and set up my account under that subdomain. Then (sigh) I changed the subdomain to I seem to have thereby screwed up my identity…
I don’t think people can follow (or DM) me at because it no longer exists. But that’s still what shows on my profile:

I’m pretty sure I need to now be – but I don’t know how to change this, I have set myself up with admin privileges but I don’t see any way to make that kind of change to a user account, either through Administrative menus or via tootctl.

Do I need to delete the account and start over or is there something I can change to make it right?

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I hope someone can step in and help you. I’m not sure how Cloudron does things but if there a way to get into config files for the app and change the domain I suggest that. The app might need to be restarted. I also suggest reaching out to Cloudron or whoever manages their Mastodon installation to see if they can tell you how to make changes.

Unfortunately a lot of app developers take elitist attitudes toward anyone who doesn’t have a degree in using their software and refuse to make the process of installation easy, so people end up using third party tools to make the process easier that don’t correctly manage things and stuff like this happens.

I am not completely sure what you did, and I do not use Cloudron, so I don’t know how you installed Mastodon, but a few things:

  • Mastodon can only serve one “canonical” domain at a time (that is, all local user’s canonical domain name is the same)
  • The local domain is not stored in database, it’s stored in configuration (LOCAL_DOMAIN for the host part of a handle ; WEB_DOMAIN for the domain used in HTTPS URLs ; when the latter is omitted it defaults to the first, which is by far the most usual config)
  • It is highly unadvisable to change either LOCAL_DOMAIN or WEB_DOMAIN after installation, as it may cause various federation issues (this is discussed in WEB_DOMAIN's documentation)
  • I’m under the impression that your current case is that you have configured your web server to serve Mastodon on but LOCAL_DOMAIN (and, implicitly, WEB_DOMAIN) is still set to If that is the case, then changing LOCAL_DOMAIN to will essentially make usable and different than the now-unusable Relationships assumed to your instance will be incorrect as other instances will consider you a new account, but it’s about all the ill effects.

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