My instance is being spammed. Help

Ive had my instance on autopilot(not really paying attention to it) and now ive come back about 2 weeks later and ive noticed an abolustely insane amount of spam (45 pages of accounts from a few websites)

HOW do i deal with this? how do i prevent this? i am very new to mastodon

How do i delete all the spam and then prevent it from being posted?

I would blur these but they seem to be bots. How do i prevent this? Who are these people?

  1. Suspend the accounts.
  2. Introduce some form of captcha for new member signup.
  3. Don’t leave your instance on autopilot; either admin it or take it down.

I had the same issue on my instance : A LOT of new user in a short time, which would toot wierd spam messages…
I manually deleted them (took a long time), and disabled new subscriptions on my instance, because I do not have enough time for all that moderation for now…