Moved instance from AWS to DO: Websocket problems


So i moved my Mastodon instance from AWS to Digital Ocean today, following these instructions.

Everything worked fine, the instance is back up on DO.

There’s one issue though: the Websocket won’t connect, i keep getting these errors in the browser console, on all feeds:

index.js:64 WebSocket connection to 'wss://' failed: HTTP Authentication failed; no valid credentials available

Anyone here has any idea what could have gone wrong? Apart from this, everything works just fine.
Thanks in advance!

This is probably related. In the logs i keep getting errors:

node[8078]: ERR! error: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "", user "mastodon", database "mastodon_production", SSL off is the main machine where the rails app runs.
The database is a separate host.

I believe i solved it. I defined DB_HOST, DB_PORT, DB_NAME, DB_USER and DB_PASS in .env.production. Seems this doesn’t work.

Now in addition to the above, i defined DATABASE_URL=DATABASE_URL=postgresql://mastodon:PASSWORD@HOST:PORT/mastodon_production?sslmode=require&ssl=true, and that seems to work. No more Websocket errors, no more errors in the log.

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